Using smart outlet to sound a LOUD siren

I would like a very LOUD siren on the side of my home so the neighbor can hear it. I bought the one “certified” siren (Z-Wave compatible) that RING sells and it’s not much louder than my cellphone ringing. I was hoping there’s some way to turn ON a smart outlet if the alarm is triggered - that way I can plug in a 200 db siren that will be heard from more than 10 feet away.

Thanks in advance.

The siren that Ring sells is made for indoors.
You have few choices as to how to get a plug to turn on if the alarm goes off.
I use an app called simple commands.
You can connect your Ring account and one of the other companies that you can see in the app. The other company needs to have plugs.
Then set a routine that when the Ring alarm is triggered, the plug turns on.
It very easy to use the app and will give you much more control with the Ring alarm like set times to turn on and off etc. Hope this helps.