Using/setting up security cam further away from house?

we installed a ring doorbell cam a few years ago after our front yard was damaged multiple times by delivery trucks (we have a long curved driveway). unfortunately, the ring doesn’t always pick up the trucks until they are right by the house. we are interested in adding a wireless security cam closer to the driveway (probably 50 feet away from the house) but are concerned that the cam will have issues connecting to our wifi. has anyone had experience with this or have any suggestions for us? thanks!

Hi @jennr41623. Is your Ring Doorbell hardwired or battery operated? If it’s battery operated, you could bring the Doorbell to the location you want to install the new camera at and try to connect it to your wifi network as a test. In most cases, the connectivity won’t be very good at 50 feet away from the house, especially outside of the house.