Using ring pro 2 with firestick

I have a ring video pro 2 doorbell. I am trying to get my ring doorbell to live stream to my firestick when someone presses the doorbell button. I have the following routine set up.
Name: living room tv
When: front door is pressed
Alexa will: under custome I typed " show the front door
Then: wait 10 seconds
Then: under custom alexa, end routine
This method works flawlessly when the tv is powered on, when the doorbell is pressed it automatically live views for 10 seconds then goes back to what I was previously streaming and the doorbell is able to be pressed again. However when I shut the tv off and someone presses the doorbell button the blue light on the ring doorbell turns solid and I must reboot the ring doorbell so the light will turn white again. I believe it is stuck trying in a Bluetooth event when the tv is off and the doorbell is pressed. How can I fix this issue?

Hi @user33147. If your Doorbell stays blue after someone rings it, that usually indicates a Live View is active, either by you, a Shared User, or an Alexa device. In your case, it would be your Fire Stick keeping Live View open when the Doorbell is rung. It usually times out on its own and goes back to normal after a moment. How long does your Doorbell stay blue if you do not reboot it? In the Ring app, what do you have your video recording length set to? Do you have an Echo Show that also activates with your Doorbell?

Thanks for the reply. My doorbell pro 2 is set at a record time of 60 secs. Yes it also shows on an echo show 5 I have narrowed this problem down to 2 out of 3 of my firesticks. They are all 4k but the newest one has no issues at all. It does keep the doorbell video on for the full 60 secs even if no one is in front of it but that isn’t a big deal. I can always lower the record time but if someone rings it they will likely be there for at least a minute anyway. I guess my option is to replace the older firesticks for it to work automatically on all of them but for now I will just move the newest one to the living room

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