Using for video review sucks!

Does anyone else thing Ring could spend some of its ten gagillion dollars and create a better web site to review the data storage that we pay a riduculas amount for?? If I want to review video from 3 weeks ago I have to take 30mins to go thru all the video slices to get to the date and time I need… arrow down and down… and at 100% viewing you only see 2 or 3 files. I have to reduce view to 50% (jpg) if I want to see more. Also, if I want longer than 3 weeks ago it appears you can’t access it via the web site. WTH… if the app can do it with a small screen and sound why can’t I do this via the web site? I need to be able to go directly to the date (non restricted) to access the content.


Hey @Duartev! This is not the experience we intend, and will surely share this feedback with the team. We are always working to improve your ‘Ring of security’ with new features, devices, and integrations. At this time, our most recent Timeline and new Snapshot capture features allow for the quickest review of events. Of course, this is currently on the mobile app only.

When using a web browser to review your event history, this list can be filtered by Event Type (motion, live view, etc) and/ or Device (if you have multiple). Something I recommend always is Starring, or even downloading, any important events as they occur. I hope this helps!

This isn’t really a solution, and I agree. The interface is horrible and not usable if your video is older. How do you star a video on something that was stolen in your yard in the last month, but you don’t know when??

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I agree, the Ring system is a complete waste of time and money. You can spends years on the phone with support only to have them reset your Ring until it needs attention in a day or two. They only want the almighty dollar and that’s all. The higher ups in this company don’t give the front line agents any fixes. An utter horrible mess of a company

100% the system is trash and a complete scam, I have no idea what you’re paying for when your videos aren’t available for review later. Do not buy and definately do not subscribe! Customer service is also useless and dead set on wasting your time.