Using Ring Camera with EERO Pro6

Since installing my camera I have very intermittent video recordings. My camera is recording all the 15-second pictures, but only records about 20% of the triggered video captures. It captures the motion trigger but isn’t capturing the video. It says no video is available. About 50% of the time I cannot connect with “live”. My RRS is generally about 58 so I am within the operating range.

I am on my 2nd camera so I think it’s a connection problem and not a camera problem.
Perhaps it is a setting on my EERO.

Hi @BullheadBart. This may be due to how your Motion Settings are configured. If you have Motion Verification turned on, this could be why your videos are having an issue. To test if this is your WiFi, try connecting the device to a WiFi hotspot. Once connected, walk in front of the camera to trigger a few recordings and see if the cam behaves differently. Let me know how this goes!