Using Modes with Indoor Cam

Bought a Stick Up Cam Battery wireless Ring for my home inside. When I installed it, I liked how I could set it to start monitoring when I left the house and turn it off coming home so I monitored when I was gone. I did not sign up in the 30 day period for a plan and I ended up with a camera that just shot a picture, no video. So, a day later I paid for the Basic Plan for the entire year. Mistake, I guess. My camera is on full time, I cannot turn it on or off unless I put a sock over it which I am doing. What happened to turning the camera on with my cell phone app when I leave and turning it off when I come home??? Appreciate any help!

Hi @BobtheRancher. You should still have this option. Make sure you have Modes activated for Cameras. You also want to check how you have the Camera set in each mode. For example, when you check Disarmed, make sure your Camera is set to not record motion. This Help Center page will show you how to do these steps. I hope this helps.

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