Using iPhone Hotspot for Internet Connection

I’m using the hotspot on a dedicated iPhone to provide the internet connection for a Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus security camera.

iPhone is less than 3 feet from the cam and always plugged in, and never goes to sleep.

Wi-Fi signal is 2.4 GHz, RSSI is good, and the download/upload speed is over 30/6 mbps.

I have no trouble connecting the cam to the wi-fi network and it works as expected but it then drops the connection in an hour or less and goes offline. (Initially, it stayed online for at least a week so this is a new glitch.)

I’m wondering if anyone else has attempted a similar setup and if they experienced a similar problem. Or if anyone has any helpful ideas to try and hopefully solve the problem.

Hi @Nezam. We do not suggest trying to use a phone’s hotspot as the internet connection for your Floodlight Cam. Ring Cameras and Doorbells need a consistent, and stable wifi connection to function properly, and a phone hotspot typically cannot provide this.