Using existing wireless contact sensors


I recently moved to a new place and the previous owners have installed contact sensors on all the entrances. They were using Xfinity’s security service for sometime but then they disconnected it. I have all the sensors installed so it really doesn’t make sense to pay for the sensors again. I was wondering if its possible to maybe buy Ring’s Base station and use Ring for security since we already have the Ring doorbell 2 installed.

Thank you

Hi @AJ10. The only compatible contact sensors that work with the Ring Alarm are going to be the Ring Alarm Contact Sensors, as they are the only sensors that are confirmed to work with the Base Station and are professional monitored. In addition, the sensors and other Ring Alarm Devices will talk to the Base Station via Z-Wave, and so would the existing sensors. While it would be a great deal and a cost saver for sure, unfortunately third party devices like contact sensors cannot be added to the Base Station. Hope this helps clear it up for you! :slight_smile: