Using existing wired contact sensors

My house has a lot of hard-wired window contact sensors (20) that all terminate at the exitsting security system. I want to put in a Ring system, but i dont want to pay for and put in new battery powered contact senors. id like to use the existing ones.

Is there a way i can convert all the wired senors into z-wave using some bridge device, so that i can connect them to the Ring security system?

Good news @dprusso13! We plan on releasing an Alarm Retrofit Kit that will allow you to integrate your old wired system into our Alarm system. Wired devices, will definitely be usable with this addition. Learn more at our Ring Announcements page .


Something to consider . . . every wired system I have seen is wired in zones. This is done becuase the wires string from window to window then return. So when a window is open you get something like “zone 1 - back of house”. Having individual window/door sensors is really nice, so you get “kitchen north side window open”. This caused me to abandon wired systems.


Ah that is great news! i’ll definietly be purchasing this.

@marley_ring do you know exactly what day this is going to release? will it be available for purchase on the website that same day?

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This is AMAZING NEWS! I’ve got the same issue and I was logging in to Ring to figure out how to make this recommendation/request. I’ll be purchasing too. I have 23 sensors on my first floor alone … and about that many on the second level, plus yet even more on the basement. I had no intention of protecting all of my pre-wired perimeter windows/doors with costly wireless sensors so this is a capability that is mutually beneficial to Ring and its customers! Thank you Ring!

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I had the retrofit alarm kit installed by a technician from HelloTech for $99 last week. It took them about 2 hours to wire up my entire house. It works perfectly and i would recommend it if you have an existing wired alarm system like i did.