Using existing hardwired doorbell

All is working except my indoor chime (16VAC) isn’t cooperating with the Video Doorbell 3 pushbutton. When pushed, it rings but won’t release until about 5-10 seconds later. Chime rings, then hums for 5-10 sec and releases. This doesn’t happen if I short the 2 wires together (normal ring) so something is happening when going through Video Doorbell. Again, doorbell transformer is 16VAC so it’s in the 8-24 VAC range specified in the manual.

Thanks for any help in this matter.

Hi there, @Al07601! It looks like you’ve done everything right here, and power is likely sufficient. The next best step will be to check our Chime Compatibility List to ensure it is compatible to work with your Video Doorbell. There is also an "in-home chime setting within your Ring app. This can be found by visiting your Video Doorbell in the Ring app, then tapping on the Device Settings tile. Changing the in-home chime setting to the proper chime type can help with functionality. :slight_smile:

I had to choose “mechanical” for my chime type. All ok now thanks.

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