Using existing door bell wiring

I just installed Ring Video Door Bell 2. It is wired using the wires from my previous door bell. When I touch the two existing wires together, the old door bell system will chime, so I am sure there is power there. However, when I push the ring door bell button, the old chime does not activate. I would think that pushing the ring button makes a connection across the two terminals of the ring - but then why does my chime not sound? Also, the app shows I am on battery power while it is wired. I have tried all wiring combinations with the supplied diode - no difference in any configuration. Any ideas?

Good question @RE1 ! If your chime kit is mechanical, a diode will not be needed. If it is digital, try changing the chime tone, if possible, to a shorter one. Flipping the wires on the terminals of the Video Doorbell may help as well.

Also, check out our Chime Compatibility List to see if yours is on there. I hope this helps!

When the button on the ring is activated, do the terminals on the back “make” connection? If the answer is no, then how would any internal door bell be activated?

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I have the same problem. My indoor chime worked fine until I added another wedge to get a better angle of vision. Now the indoor chime rings when shorting across the leads, but the RIng doorbell button does not activate it any more. The leads are connected to the back of the Ring just like they were before. Pushing the ring button activates the Ring chime, but not the indoor chime. I do not have a digital indoor chime, so I have not installed the diode.

I don’t know why adding a wedge would change anything, unless there is a lose connection when you put it back. If you have an ohm meter, put it on the terminals and press the ring button. Those terminals would have to connect in order for your interior bell to ring - same as touching the wires together. I am trying to convince ring that my unit might be defective as those terminals do not connect, but I am not getting anywhere. They want to blame in interior door bell but if those terminals don’t connect when the button is depressed, there is no way the interior bell will activate. Like a light switch, if you flip the switch but the terminals (wires) don’t connect, no light.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2, uses power from the existing chime transformer to charge the Ring battery and power the existing mechanical chime. The most common transformer is 16 volt 10VA. VA is volts x amps, similar to a measurement in watts. VA is a measurement of Power.

If your transformer is 10VA, it may be under powered. It may not be powerful enough to charge the battery and run the Video. Change it to 16 volt, 15VA or even better 16 volt, 30VA.

When I first installed mine, I had a 10VA transformer. Both the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Chime worked, but the Ring battery would slowly drain and the chime sound was weak. I changed to 30VA, now the Ring is always 98-100% charged and the Chime is strong.

I read your post about testing the Ring with an Ohm meter, after I posted about the Transformer.

If the Ring battery is charged and you get no continutiy across the two screws on the Ring when the button is pushed, then I would agree that the Ring Unit is defective.

Of course this test must be performed with no wires attached and a charged battery.

The Ring battery is fully charged. An Ohm meter connected to the two posts on the back of the Ring while the house doorbell wires are disconnected immediately pegs out at below 0 Ohms.