Using Echo To Arm/Disarm Ring Alarm

Hi everyone, the system was been working great for months, Lately, it has been intermittent with some of the z wave switches taking 30-45 seconds to respond. Now, it will no longer disarm the alarm. It says “sorry, something went wrong”

I’ve tried rebooting the ring and disabling/enabling the Echo skill. Any other guesses?

I am confused when you say some z-wave switches are slow to respond? Have you setup a routine in Alexa to do stuff?
As a rule when you link ring to alexa, you say alexa I am home and it will ask you for your voice code and disarm the system. (as well as turn of Alexa Guard if you have it enabled)
Alexa I am leaving sets Ring to away and starts Alexa guard if enabled.
When disarmed you can also say, Alexa set ring to home.

I have many Z-wave switches controlled by Ring Alarm. Sometimes when I say “Alexa, turn on kitchen lights” it can take up to 45 seconds to respond. Other times it is almost instant. I feel the arm/disarm problem is related to the slow responses.

FWIW, I thing Alexa is just slow now. Even if I as the time it takes a while…