Using A19 Smart Bulbs with Ring Alarm Pro

Hello all. Is it possible to configure the Ring Alarm Pro to turn on interior A19 Smart Bulbs whenever an alarm is triggered? If so, where would I find the documentation or how does one do that? If not, could this capability be added through a firmware update to the Alarm Pro (2nd gen)? I would imagine an intruder would beat a hasty retreat if they got in a home and all the lights came on. ;-). Thanks.

If all the lights came on it’d just make their job easier to find stuff.
What deters a criminal most is how quickly is the police response in your community for a break in? In mine, police don’t come unless a life is in danger. So, a normal break in they’ll come around when they come around.

When visiting the Alarm Base Station device page in the Ring app, there will be an option to link devices for Alarm Sounding and for Entry Delay initiating. This will also allow you to link a Light Group. While logged in to the Ring app, open the Main Menu (3 lines top left), select Devices, and then select your Alarm Base Station. From the Alarm Base Station page, select Linked Devices and explore those options.

Check out also our Help Center article about Smart Lighting and Alexa for tips on using Alexa routines with your Smart Lighting devices. :slight_smile:

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