Using a monitor with a Ring Video Camera

I would like to purchase and install a Ring Video Camera at my front door. I already have hardwiring capability at the door and am confident I can do it myself. I would use my IPhone to speak with and/or view anyone at the door or approaching the door. However, my wife is not comfortable using her IPhone for that and would like a monitor somewhere on the kitchen counter to view and/or speak with any one at or approaching the front door. Is there a Ring Video Doorbell that comes with a monitor so I can install it to communicate with both my IPhone as well as the monitor? If so, which model Ring? If a Ring with monitor is not available, any recommendations on what to use to set up a monitor to do what I have outlined above? Thank you.

They are no monitors. But an Alexa show device will now show who’s at your door instantly. Then you can turn the mic on to talk with them if needed.
I have a few in my house, so it comes up on all my screens. Hope this helps.

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