Using a 10VAC @ 5VA Transformer

Last year I installed a Video Doorbell 3, wiring it to my existing 10VAC @ 5VA transformer. Although 5VA doesn’t quite meet the 8VA minimum spec, everything worked fine, and has for the past two years.

Today, I installed a Video Doorbell Wired, powered by the same transformer. I was much less confident that it would work properly, as this product requires a minimum 10VA and is entirely reliant on the transformer as its power source, but it, too, works perfectly!

My question is this: Since everything is working fine, am I all set? Is there any concern or danger running these devices off a 10VAC @ 5VA transformer?


Hi @AllenB. Although your Doorbell is working, I would suggest using a transformer that meets the requirements of 10–24 VAC, 20 VA minimum, 40 VA maximum, and 50/60 Hz. These requirements are what will keep your Doorbell working at its optimum level of performance.

Hi Justin, thanks for your reply. I’ll be honest–if there’s no safety risk, my inclination would be to let it run on the current transformer, as it seems to be operating perfectly, plus this way I don’t have to worry about delivering too much power to the current chime that’s in the circuit.

That said, and unless there’s something else I’m missing, is there a safety concern with the current configuration?

Thanks again!

Hi @AllenB. It’s difficult to say if this would be a safety concern, as there are a few variables to consider, like the gauge and length of your wires and the actual voltage in your circuit. I would suggest having a qualified electrician evaluate your circuit.

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