Use of Diode in Ring 2 with Ring Chime

I could not find a direct answer for this and wanted to be sure. We should NOT use the diode if our chime is the plug-in Ring branded digital chime? Is that correct?

Hey @organix. Do you have the Doorbell hardwired to an existing chime kit, or you are just using the Chime or Chime Pro? If you have it connected to a chime kit, you may need the diode depending on the internal chime kit. If you do not have a chime kit, no worries, you do not need the diode.

I do not have any existing chimes. I’m only using the provided Ring plug-in chime.

@organix Thanks for clarifying! You will not need the diode when using the Ring Chime or Chime Pro and no internal chime kit. :slight_smile: