Use for old Ring

I replaced my old Ring because it would always freeze everytime someone rang the doorbell. I replaced it with a Ring Pro. Now I would like to find a use for the old Ring. I would like to use it as a simple live camera for my back door with no door bell attached. I would also still need a way to get power to it. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Hey @Rodebaugh. Good idea to repurpose the old Doorbell! While you cannot remove the Doorbell aspect (dinging and such), it can still detect motion and give you that Live View you need! Just set up the device anywhere you would like (you will most likely have to drill holes into walls), and then make sure it’s connected to your internet! From there, turn on “Ring Alerts” in the device profile so that if someone does accidentally ding it, you will not get a push notification for it. Also, the device is a battery operated device, so as long as you charge the device when it is low, you will not need to worry about giving it any other power source. :slight_smile: