Use Alarm base unit as a chime for Doorbell?

I have the Alarm system and also the video doorbell (2), i dont have a chime to this Doorbell (and sadly it does not work on Google hub), but it’s there a way to have the Alarm unit as a chime?
Not to trigger the alarm, but in the same way we can get it to sound when opening doors?

If not, please add that in firmwares to come.


Hi @Teddan. At this time, the Ring Alarm Base Station cannot be used to play chimes from Ring Doorbells or Cameras. This functionality has been requested before, which you can find on our Feature Request board. Feel free to add your vote and feedback to that request. While Ring isn’t compatible with Google hub, we are compatible with Alexa. You can learn more about receiving Ring Doorbell notifications via Alexa here. I hope this information helps!

Keeping this alive - mind boggling that this isn’t incorporated. Such a simple piece to bring your systems together.

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What I’ve did was modify the door contact (placed the doorbell switch over the reedcontact) and set the setting to sound when closed. This works for me but it would be nice to have an official ring solution.

Just bought a new doorbell and already have a base station. Please make the update, it must be extremely simple. I haven’t got unlimited plug sockets to devote to Ring devices.

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Please add this functionality pronto! It would be a useful addition.
A skeptic might think that this is being deliberately withheld in the knowledge that some people might decide not to buy the doorbell chime if the base station chimed….

I would like to see this also! Should be an extremely easy addition…no reason to have an additional Ring speaker laying around when I already have the base station and also the Ring keypad that could play this…

Keeping this alive, would be great to have this feature

There’s nothing about this request that doesn’t make sense.

Please allow an option to have the base station ring as a chime for the front doorbell.

The logical place for it to be located is near the door, so the alarm can be heard by someone that might be trying to break into the home.

This location was pretty typical for a old-school analog doorbell to be located, so it’s logical for someone to install their ring base station over the hole in the wall where the old analog doorbell would have been located.
Which was already a good location for people in the home to hear their doorbell when someone presses the button, and now could hear the ring chime when someone presses the button. Please allow it to be a chime!

Yes, I do own a chime as well, but it’s located in the basement so we can easily hear when someone is at the door while the family is all in the basement.

I think this is a very reasonable request from a bunch of people who spend money every single month to be your customer.

Thank you

Keeping this request alive… this feature makes sense to have for someone that already has a Base Station.

Bumping to keep it alive