upside down view from outdoor solar powered stick on camera

HELP!!I’ve just installed my new ring products. I have 2 solar powered stick up cameras for the outside of my house. However, the view is upside down. I see directions on the app on how to correct this on the indoor camera. This doesn’t apply to my situation. Any ideas?

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Hey @psychrn. The steps you have found are to rotate the Live View of the Indoor Cam, as this is our only device that you can do that with at this time. You will be unable to rotate the Live View of your Stick Up Cam at this time, so you will need to ensure you rotate the device to have the proper view.


I posted about this issue, along with my solution, in the Ring Community Feature Request Board and need you to give Kudos to it so those in-charge of development at Ring will take notice and get this done. This could be a fairly quick feature change for Ring, but you need to up-vote my suggestion with a Thumbs-Up/Kudos, so please click the link and vote!

Mahalo and Aloha!

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