Upside down mount (indoor/outdoor cam)

I have just purchased 6 indoor/outdoor wireless cameras and cannot seem to find out how to mount them effectively upside down. There is a screw port at the bottom however once I turn the camera upside down the software does not adjust nor can I find settings which correlate. If someone could help me this would be appreciated and if not and this is in fact how it’s manufactured then it’s simply not good enough.

Hi @TG. The information in this Help Center here article will definitely be helpful. This will go over proper mounting for the Stick Up Cam so you don’t have a rotated video.

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This issue was raised over two years ago. The ‘resolution’ provided is unacceptable to those who feel they shouldn’t have to buy an additional mount to put their cameras up, or to those who simply want to be able to do it the way they choose to, since they own the camera. Ring indoor cameras allow an owner to hang them upside down and invert the image on the feed, there’s no reason Ring can’t do that for any other camera. People like choices because choices are power. Give the camera owners the power.

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Here we are in August of 2022, still unable to perform this basic function.

Has anyone found a reason that outdoor cameras can not be inverted beyond the only logical conclusion that ring does not care about A) basic functionality B) customer concerns C) maintaining parity with competitors ?

You know what I did? I glued a bolt to the top of the stick up cam so I can mount it where I want. Absolutely asinine.