Upgrading to Ring Doorbell 2 from Doorbell 1

Hi all great product, I like it so much I am as above, upgrading. The question is this.

Do I install the 2 and then delete the 1 from the app, is there an order I should do the install uninstall as I wish to sell the 1 and do not want ownership problems popping up post sale.

Cheers Graham and thanks in advance.

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@breakNegg hi! I just helped my dad with a little upgrade as well :slight_smile: Let me know how you enjoy the Video Doorbell 2.

I went ahead and saved any videos we wanted to save from the Video Doorbell. From there, I actually installed the Video Doorbell 2 and made sure it worked perfectly for him. I then deleted the original doorbell off the account. It is then best to contact our support to ensure your plan properly rolled over to the new device and to avoid any loss of videos.

Can I just transfer my current account info to the new doorbell or do I have to create a new account?

Add new Doorbell then delete old one from account so you disown it and can if you want onsell or gift.

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Thank you

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