Upgrading to ring alarm pro

I would like to know if there is a grandfather clause to upgrade from ring alarm generation 1 to the new pro plan. I also think rain should have a trade-in program to where I can trade in my old alarm system and get a new one maybe at a discounted price.
One other idea I have a key fob will be fantastic for your ring alarm system.

Agree. there should be a trade-in program. Maybe when the grandfathered Ring Protect Plus 1st Gen expires?

If I were a new customer, I would not like that I would purchase a new Ring Alarm system only to find out that there are many services not available unless I purchase a Ring Alarm Pro, even though I would be paying for that service with Ring Protect Pro.

Ring should either discontinue the non-Pro alarm, or market it to self-monitoring customers. Or create a separate an interim sub without the extra features but with professional monitoring.

After all, many have more advanced mesh systems (including Eero 6 pro) which are better units than the built in Eero 6.

Regarding the keyfob, today, I may not want another one. I’d rather have HomeKit integration, which would then let us make more automation to arm or disarm the system, from the iPhone, via Siri, or CarPlay. Homebridge works very well in integrating this, but would rather be it a direct integration instead of using a project.

My .02…


I’d like the keyfob, but would love HomeKit too