Upgrading from Protect Basic to Protect Plus (UK)

Hi, I already have Protect Basic and have recently renewed the plan for 34.99. If I decide to purchase Protect Plus will I be charged for the extra 45 only? Or do I have to cancel my old plan. While this question has been asked before, I couldn’t find a recent one from 2022 and hoping that this process is a bit easier now. Thanks

Hi @NotMeToday. You can upgrade your Ring Protect Plan from Basic to Plus at any time from your account on Ring.com. Once logged in, follow these steps to upgrade your plan:

  • Select the Protect Plan option from the top menu bar and click Upgrade to Ring Protect Plus.
  • Select the Protect Plus plan.
  • You will see all eligible devices at the location to be subscribed.
  • Choose the payment frequency, monthly or annually. Review your order, enter the payment information, and then select “purchase.”

The system should charge you the difference between your Basic Plan and your Plus Plan on a prorated basis. The next billing cycle is when it will charge you for the full price of your Plus Plan. I hope this helps.