Upgrading from Generation 1 Video Doorbell

Hi there, I have a ring first Gen video doorbell hardwired to my mechanical doorbell with AC transformer. It works great except the video is low res and blocky compared to the newer models.

Can anyone recommend an upgrade that includes:

  • HD video
  • hardwired
  • mechanical door chime (same as Gen 1)

I’ve looked at the specs for the newer ring products and they seem to bypass the mechanical door chime and instead require the ring chime.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @One72. The first Gen Ring Doorbell was only capable of 720p video. All of Rings current model Doorbells are capable of 1080 HD video. Another thing to consider is the RSSI of your Doorbell. A strong wifi connection is measured by its RSSI and can affect the video quality. You can find your RSSI in the Device Health section of the Ring app. Let me know if this helps!