Upgrading from Gen 1 base station to Pro base station

I have a Gen 1 base station that has a problem and needs to be replaced. Ring agreed to replace it with a Pro base station which is a nice upgrade.

I came across this support document that says when you upgrade to a Pro base station you don’t have to go through the nightmare of removing, resetting and re-adding every single sensor (YIKES!).

But the person helping me said that this is only applicable to upgrading from a Gen 2 base station to Pro, and if I’m upgrading from Gen 1 then I have to reset everything and start from scratch. However, nothing in the support document makes this distinction. It says this can be followed when you “upgrade your Base Station from a Ring Alarm to the Ring Alarm Pro.”

Can anyone confirm whether or not the easier upgrade path applies to upgrading from a Gen 1 base station?

Hi @uscpsycho. It doesn’t matter if your Ring Alarm system is 1st Gen or 2nd Gen, you can still complete the backup and restore process outlined in that Help Center article. If you run into any issues during this process, please reach out to our support team and request to speak with the Ring Alarm team.

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