Upgrade gen1 with existing chime


I currently have a ring doorbell gen1 which works with my previous doorbell chime

Which of the more recent ring doorbell can I upgrade to while keeping the usage of the existing chime ? As is see some model won’t support anymore those older chimes ?


Hi @user45312. What is the make and model of your chime kit? Additionally, which Ring Doorbell model were you interested in? We have some Chime Kit Compatibility lists on our Help Center that will show you which digital and mechanical chime kits are compatible with each Doorbell model.

My chime is a Legrand 41627 which seems to be compatible with the ring doorbell 4

Am I correct that the doorbell 4 can be hardwired just like my gen 1 is ?

Hi @user45312. I am happy to chime in. Yes, the Doorbell 4 can be hardwired to trickle charge its battery. This Help Center page will show you how to physically install it with an existing doorbell.

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