Upgrade from Ring Video Doorbell 1 to Ring Pro or Ring Video Doorbell 3

I currently have a Ring Video Doorbell 1 (wired) which is screwed into brick and I am thinking about upgrading to Ring Video Doorbell Pro (wired). Will the Video Doorbell Pro be able to use the same screw holes from the existing (Doorbell 1) mounting plate? I realized that the Ring Pro is smaller and I am hoping that I do not have to drill more holes into brick. Or would it make more sense to go with the Ring Video Doorbel 3 instead of the Ring Pro? Thank you for your input!

Hey @ainsley2702. Both devices, the Ring Pro and the Doorbell 3, will come with adapter plates for you to convert from an older Doorbell to the newer Doorbell you get, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that. I think you should have your decided factor be on power, and if you can hardwire the Pro this way, or if you need to have the battery operation from the Doorbell 3.