Upgrade from Ring 1to Ring 3

I have the original Ring 1 which I bought at a local Uk store a few yrs ago, it is not hard wired so i have to re-charge the battery it has come to the stage where the battery is not lasting longer as it used to therefore I’m considering upgrading to the latest ring bell where the battery is detachable from the rind to enable charging also i can purchase a second battery. My question, is the ring 1 bracket compatible with the ring 3 I don’t really want to drill yet more jokers in my wall. Is ring 3 a better camera picture the ring 1 is not really great but it does the job. Is ring 3 a good improvement on the 1?

The dimensions from the original Video Doorbell model to our latest models will differ. Check out our Help Center Video Doorbell comparison guide for differences in dimensions between models. There are also different mounting accessories available at Ring.com, which might help with mounting depending on which Video Doorbell models you end up choosing. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: