Updated my doorbell, transferring my protection plan was a mess

This is more of a warning than a question. My first-gen doorbell died last month so I bought a new one to replace it (second-gen). I had paid for a years worth of protection plan on both my spotlight cam and my doorbell so those have been paid for a year in advance.
I was told there was no way to transfer the protect plan directly to my new doorbell cam so I contacted support directly to have them do that for me.
Big mistake.
Since I paid for a year in advance for 2 devices, this was their solution: they refunded me the balance on my spotlight cam plan (even though that device is still the same) and had me buy 2 new annual protection plans to cover both of my devices.
So just a fair warning: when one of your devices dies (eventually everything does) that has a paid protect plan on it, there is apparently no way in heaven or earth that you can transfer the remaining protection plan to your new device.
You’ll be wondering whether you lost money in the process of shuffling, canceling, refunds and having to buy a new plan.
Ring, surely there is a better way to manage this.
Because when you buy your replacement device it comes with the free 30 day trial. When you call customer support, they will alert you that your trial is getting ready to run out even though you paid for an annual protection plan back in December and there is a massive, unnecessary disconnect between your paid plan, their free trial and the mystery protection time still on the broken device that hasn’t even been installed for 25 days.
Sorry :sweat_smile: this is a rant I suppose but to anyone who is a Ring support team member, please note that your support is managing this by sending refunds and suggesting that you buy a new plans for all of your devices simply because you’ve had to replace one device.
It’s the most inefficient, backassward approach to anything, particularly for a ‘tech’ company. Surely you can figure out a way to add a feature within the app that will let you transfer the remainder of a protect plan to a new device when the old one dies.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, @Dhp44! We always value our neighbors’ feedback and will certainly pass this along to the appropriate team.

Check out our help center article for more information on Protect Plan changes or adding devices to your Ring account.

Here are some suggestions that seem to fit your scenario:

I just got a replacement device after troubleshooting with Ring, but my subscription and/or videos did not transfer over.
This process should be automatic as long as the old device was not deleted from your account before the new device was set up and the transfer took place. If the old Ring device has been deleted already, but the videos and/or the subscription did not transfer over, Contact Support.

I just bought and installed a new Ring device to replace an old one. My old device had a plan. How do I get a plan on my new Ring device?
If you have the Ring Protect Plus Plan, your new device will automatically be included in the Ring Protect Plus Plan.

If you have the Ring Protect Basic Plan, you’ll need to get a new plan for the new device. Your previous subscription is attached to the other device and the subscription and videos that are stored won’t automatically transfer over to the new device.

First, go into your account and save or download any videos that you may want from your old device. After that, go into your Ring account at ring.com and cancel your plan so you can get a refund.

In any case that the above methods do not work as intended or for other instances, our support team is always happy to help further where they can. Feel free to add a request on our Feature Request Board, in regards to more control over your Protect Plan in the Ring app. We share these with our teams often! :slight_smile: