Update broke or they sold us a doorbell not for outdoor use per phone rep?

I’ve called ring before with an alarm issue great service, not today. To start the button on our ring elite 400.00 doorbell stopped working after the update we get notifications on phones but the physical button wont ring the bell. Have been living with this for months seeing online its a wide spread issue after the update. Today the ring 2 pro said it needed to be charged; odd its hardwired so i swapped in a fully charged battery still noting 3% and offline so i called. I tired to remain calm and polite the man started out by telling me there is no timeline on when the 400.00 doorbell button that wont work like the 3.00 one it replaced will be or if it will ever be fixed and hes “new”. OK odd response and not helpful so i just moved on and explained after putting a fully charged battery in the hardwired one it still says dead his response was something to the effect “come on man its cold its just froze you need to take it inside”. I said the whole thing or the battery and explained the battery in it was fresh from inside 100% he replied “fine ill just send you a new battery hold!” dude are you even listening I already tried a known good battery in it, made no difference. Looking at these forms maybe the poor customer service is unique to my experience but i see many other of the same model broke this week just like mine that wont charge / power back on after the last update just like the button on elite wont work after the update. I feel like we’ve been wal-marted once they monopolized over all the competition the honey moon is over. Ring broke the devices with updates no plan to fix, they have our money already so …screw us where else are we going to go after investing in many devices with them already that are useless without the subscription. Maybe if there was some customer service skills from the “new” phone rep or any effort at all made it would have given some hope. thank you for hearing my rant

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Sorry to hear about this experience, @c0017455523e81f27c4e. This is not the experience we intend with our devices, and I can assure you that our support team is trained to be solutions driven. I see you’ve located this Community thread, in which contains some useful suggestions.

In regards to your concern with the battery-powered Video Doorbell, I recently updated this Community thread with some great steps to try. Feel free to let us know your results, or any additional details that might help us further assist you. :slight_smile:

As always, if you prefer more immediate troubleshooting assistance, our support team is always happy to help. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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I had the same problem. The rep told me the device was showing fully charged but it can’t be fixed. The only thing to do is order a new Ring. This is a joke

Thanks for posting Veronak, now I know Ring sucks… the time I have spent trying to fix it! Just out of warrantee last month. I am exploring other brand security cameras that don’t need a paid subscription either!