Up Dated Ring Flood Light Pro / Plus Products Flaws

Why is Ring want to compromised my Home Wi-Fi Network by requiring me to dropped the specials characters in my home networks. Called ring Techs support because I can not set up my new Ring and Ring Plus wired Flood Lights Security camera because my home wi-fi networks has the $&#% characters, and suggested that I removed the special characters if want the $249.00 pro and $295.00 plus Wired Flood Lights to sync to my home Wi-Wi. I have 2 wireless battery Spot lights and one older wired Flood Lights that has no problem connecting my current home Wi-Fi works. If take ring advises to change my secured home wi-fi networks to accommodates the new improved rings products, it mean I have reconfigure my other 35 wireless devices to the new changed password. What are your logics in this ring. Not only you make it easy for hackers to hack into your customers networks by compromising with your new connection requirement’s . I do not how many of Ring products have these changed networks password compatibilities with others Ring new and improve products line.

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For security reasons you should change your Wi-Fi password every 6 to 12 months.
The same goes for commonly used apps and websites.
This might seem like an inconvenience,
it is for security reasons that you should take these steps.