Unwanted design feature on gen2 keypad

Who is the genius that decided to add buttons on the keypad for fire, police etc. without giving me an option to disable them? I was told I needed a new gen2 keypad to replace my gen1, so I got it. I’m sending it back because someone added buttons that automatically call the police, fire department etc. Maybe that is great if you live alone or only have adults in your house. I guess no one considered that kids might like pushing buttons like that. At least give me a way to disable the buttons if you are going to add them. I’m sending the new keypad back.

Rings original keypad has a panic feature, although it only will notify the monitoring station to send the police. Both :x: and :heavy_check_mark: for three seconds. The new keypad gives three options (three second press still applies) and frankly, the new keypad is so much easier to use.

Is your keypad on a counter or table which could be accessible to little ones? If so, have you considered wall mounting the keypad, in order to place it out of harms way?

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Hey neighbors. I wanted to share this Help Center article here with you. This allows you to cancel a Smoke Alarm from your Keypad within the first 30 seconds of the alarm triggering. This can be useful if your Smoke Alarm is caused by a kitchen mishap or something similar.