Unverified Motion Event - every 10 mins

I’m getting alerts for an “unverified motion event” about every 10 minutes, which results in an alert but no video/black screen. I know that loud vehicles, etc. can trigger the motion alert on my video doorbell, but it seems excessive especially with no accompanying video. I’ve had the doorbell for many months so I know “normal” traffic vs this occurence today. Any thoughts on how to fix this?


Hi @Chideh, it seems like your notifications are a little off of how they normally have been for you. If you can, please remove the Ring app from your phone, restart your phone, and then reinstall the app. This will help refresh your notification preferences, and if this continues to happen, please attach a screenshot of how these notifications are showing up for you so other neighbors could help you look into this.

The constant unverified motion alerts drained the battery, so I recharged the Ring battery, uninstalled the Ring app, restarted my phone and re-installed and it’s still happening. Screenshot attached.


My parents are having the same issues with their Doorbell 2. Some of the issue is coming from the HDR being activated which causes some issues adapting to the light condition’s randomly. The technician that said remove the app, unfortunately dosen’t know much about the ring doorbell technology, removing the app from your phone will not stop false notifications, that the camera sends. That was just a basic answer. Plus they didn’t care to answer back, or answer you question at all to begin with. You asked about “unverified motion”, to which this answer has not been addressed on any of their posts. This is a popular question that is not being answered. I also would like to know how to verify a motion event, to help the camera learn as stated in the settings. I hope we get an answer soon.


You didn’t answer the question about unverified event nor how to verify it, to prevent false notifications. Uninstalling the app then reinstalling it will not prevent the camera from sending notifications. That would be used for a malfunctioning app not a camera. Please address the question, thank you.


Hey @Chideh. I apologize for never having gotten back to you! It looks like my reply was never sent! I hope that you have since found a resoultion to your concern. If you have no, rest assured I should still be able to help with this. After checking in with my advanced troubleshooting team, it looks like this may be related to your RSSI. My team wanted me to take the first step in having your RRR your app to rule out if it was a presistent notification concern.

When you have an unverified motion event, this means that the signal from the Doorbell to the internet connection was too weak to determine if it was human or not, but the doorbell recorded it anyways. Although, when it comes to the video just being black, this is back to the signal concern being so poor that it cannot even capture any of the video packets to process a video. Black video could be causes also from router concerns, which you can learn more about in this Help Center Article here.

For both neighbors @NukeLike and @Chideh, if you are having this concern, I recommend visiting the above article to ensure that all the configurations on the router are as they should be to remove the black video error, which should help your RSSI and thus fix the excessive amounts of unverified motion events. Additionally, visit your Device Health page for your Doorbell to see the RSSI and if your RSSI seems too high.

I do not believe this is an individual doorbell 2 problem. It just started happening in the last little while and is persisting. It appears to me that it is a software problem which has been implemented recently. I recall seeing something different displaying recently about some new sensitivity features.

this is a widespread problem. Not a individual doorbell 2 problem.

PS. I just charged my battery about 2 month ago. So the battery is not low.


You’re lucky… mine alerts pretty much every minute and has been doing this for the past 10 days to no avail. When I do get a doorbell Ring, it notifies me and goes to “process” the footage, then disappears. I agree with you that this is widespread. It’s not lack of signal because that is strong and I’m hardwired so no dying batteries.

I have eliminated the false motion detection.

it does detect motion and people and is still recording a Black Picture withe the unverified motion message at the top.

somehow the camera seems to be turned off. Appears to be a software bug. My doorbell is perfectly healthy and worked perfectly up until a couple days ago.


Hey neighbors! If you have adjusted your settings on your router and tried the troubleshooting steps recommend, please reach out to our support team here for further help in your situation. They will be able to isolate this concern for you to get your devices back up and running as they should. :slight_smile:

I just got off the phone with a ring tech. We rebooted everything and she looked at everything including what was happening on my doorbell. My wifi is fine. Speeds are good.

she thinks it is faulty and needs to be replace but I am 3 months past my one year warranty. So I am out of luck.

i impressed it upon her that I think they introduced a bug recently and I don’t really think there is anything wrong with the hardware and that Ring should continue to investigate because, obviously, I am not the only person with this problem.

she sounded like maybe it would be investigated, and I should keep checking my app to see if anything changes in the future.


I changed my WiFi SSID last month and when I updated the new SSID on my Ring Doorbell 2, I began receiving the unverified motion events frequently. It worked fine prior to that. I did notice that my ring doorbell updated its software when it reconnected to the internet.

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mine just started about a week ago and it literally is one after another… I just changed batteries 4 days ago and already down to 23%!

My ring doorbell 2 is still giving me the message and has been a little too sensitive to motion also. I have tried adjusting the sensitivity with some success. I have been getting some recorded video between 4 and 5 am when my paper delivery guy tosses my paper on my front step.

I am beginning to think that the “Stay At Home/Isolation” order here is overloading the Internet structure or my provider has throttled back my speed. A lot of people stuck at home will be spending a lot more time surfing the net for lack of better things to do.

I have medium speed Internet which has been fine up until the stay at home order. Now I am finding my internet to be a little slower but still not terribly bad.

what do you think of my observation.


Since being home and everyone needing to use the internet for work/school, I did have to have a Comcast tech come out and check on our setup. There were some wifi speed issues. I also upgraded my router which seems to have pretty much solved the issue with the unverified motion events, again, which makes me think maybe the Ring rep’s solution of checking the router speed is one possible solution. If it reverts back, I’ll post again, but we’ve been home for 42 days. I upgraded my router near the beginning of that time and it’s been good since.

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Well, I guess I was prematurely happy. I’m getting the frequent unverified motion alerts again with a black screen even with a new and improved router and improved WiFi. So I don’t know what the problem is.

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@Chideh Could you try making some adjustments to your router’s settings if you are still getting this with the black video? In addition, if you’ve already covered the points in there with your ISP, please also check to make sure all ports and protocols are open on your router’s settings.

This started happening to me today with my ring spotlight camera battery powered with solar connected. What I notice is that a recent software update was pushed to the camera. The new feature is people detection which is usually only for wired devices has been implemented to battery powered devices. Something tells me this is what is causing the issue since that’s the only thing new.

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I have recently upgraded my internet and it is almost twice as fast. GRRR

i am still not having any success with this piece of sh?t. I can get some video early in the am, but is not right. It will capture my paperboy driving into my driveway but stops recording before he walks up to my door with my paper. Stops recording too early. Probably to do with some change to stop recording when there is no motion (Useless). I am still getting mostly UNVERIFIED VIDEO with black. I have had some video that is all chopped up.

I am sure this is all bad software.

this doorbell is useless.

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I definitely think it’s a software issue. I’ve been having the same problem AFTER a software update.