Unrecognized Authorized Client Devices

I have a list of Authorized Client Devices with 7 entries. The first four are legitimate (cell phone, home computer, work computer, ring.com). The last three entries are questionable and I’m not sure if they’re from tech support accessing the devices, or something that is just always there.

They are:
ring_official_windows/xx-xx-xx-xx-x (where x = identifying letters and numbers)
ring_official_windows/xx-xx-xx-xx-x (where x = identifying letters and numbers)

The ring_offical_windows entries are in addition to the home/work computer entries I mentioned above, which identify the the computer by the user name. The other known devices (except ring.com browser device) have “Authorized on” dates, whereas the others just say “unknown”. I have not shared any user or login information with anyone, including Ring tech support.

What do these unknown entries mean? Why can’t I remove them (it appears removing access for all devices is the only option).


Hey @nrz. Happy to clear some of this up for you! Whenever you log into the Ring website and Ring applications on multiple devices, it can create a log for this device as being Authorized. I’ve personally noticed that sometimes logging into Ring.com and the Community site can also create an Authorized Client Device log for each one individually. Please note that whenever you call support and they address any questions/concerns on your account, this will not be affiliated with the Authorized Client Devices, so this is not on the Ring support end.

If you’re unsure what these logins are and want to be safe, you will need to remove all, as there is not an option to delete only a few or remove access for specific ones. I recommend this since you are unsure, and start fresh to ensure the only devices logging in are yourself. You can also update your 2SV method to text messages if you do not check your emails often to ensure that you are alerted as soon as there is a log in attempt on your account.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the delay; I didn’t get the email alert to my Inbox or Junk folder, even though my settings are to automatically subscribe to email alerts.

If I clear all client devices, will I need to go back through the setup process on my phone, or can I remove all authorizations remotely, sign back in on my phone, and everything will be working as normal?

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I selected “Remove All Devices” and re-added each device one by one. When logging in on Windows, it adds 2 entries per sign-in. When logging into this website (Ring Community), it adds the unirest-java entry. So they all seem to be legitimate, if unexplained. This section of the app could certainly use some additional work to provide better clarity regarding the devices.

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Looks like “Authorized Client Devices” list is only accessible from Ring App only. The devices list identifies the current device, and couldn’t show deatils [date of access] on the rest of the entries. More over, “remove All Devices” includes the current device too. This certainly needs enhnacments. [Please see the attaced screenshot].
In addition, the same “Authorized Client Devices” page inaccessibe from any browser on a PC, as it keep on redirecting to “Two-Step Verificaiton” page [https://account.ring.com/account/control-center/2sv], even though the member logged into their account. This also needs to be corrected as well.

Moreover, the