Unnecessary alerts?

I am just wondering what I can do for unnecessary alerts… Like…

I hear the chimes every time I go up and down the stairs bringing in groceries…
Even if you go into the app and snooze the ring doorbell, the chimes add on, thats plugged into the wall still goes off every time I come out the front door, and come back up the stairs.

I’ve left the Ring in HOME MODE… I’ve never really messed with modes.
I’d hate to turn off Motion while in HOME MODE and only use Motion when set in AWAY mode.

Has anybody ever turned off motion while in HOME mode, and set the RING and chime to only go off when someone hits the button on the Ring?

Current settings:
Ring Alerts ON
Motion Detection ON
Motion Alerts ON
Motion Warning OFF ( the 2nd gen doesn’t support it )

Sensitivity turned all the way up

Package sensitivity:
Turned all the way up due to missing UPS and Fedex Deliveries.

Smart Alerts:

Motion Frequency:

Thanks for the help!

Hi @CWM030. When using Motion Snooze on the Doorbell it will only stop the notifications from coming onto your phone. To stop your Ring Chime from alerting as well, you have to snooze that separately, and to do so, you have to use Chime Snooze for your Chime. I hope this helps.

I was told today that the only way to reduce unnecessary alerts i.e. flag blowing, leaves blowing, birds flying is to pay for subscription and get the smart alert feature. I bought the ring system thinking I didnt have to pay for a subscription but it turns out you need to pay if you dont want unnecessary alerts. very frustrating.