Unlock and Disarm from the App

I have the Lock Mode setting to Disarm when it is unlocked, but when I unlock using the App, the alarm doesn’t disarm.

Am I doing it wrong or is it only a feature available when using the Lock keypad?

Great question @sheitner! As long as you have a compatible smart lock that works with Ring, it can arm and disarm the Alarm. In order to do this, the PIN must be entered on the smart lock, as locking/ unlocking in the app will not arm/ disarm the system.

In addition to needing to use the PIN, your lock PIN must of course be the same as the PIN used for your Alarm system, and the access code/ PIN must be synced from the app to the lock for it to work as intended with the Alarm. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks Marley.

Where can I make a feature request?

We like to use the app to both unlock and disarm and to do it in one step would be great.

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Of course @sheitner! You are able to make a request at any one of our feature request threads pinned to the top of the main product boards. For instance, if you wanted to make an App related request go to this feature request thread in that board. :slight_smile:

I can’t find the instructions on how to sync the user codes with my Schlage lock. I have it set up to disarm when I unlock the lock using the code, but it doesn’t work.