Uninstall ring Chime physical doorbell.

I need to remove the old ring Chime i still at the front door of my place that the previous owners had. I don’t have the correct tool to remove it. Its very small and what looks like 6 points instead of a normal phillips screw. What should I do? How do I get this tool just to remove these screws. I’ve attached a picture too.

Hey @Joe88h. You will need to order some spare parts, which will include the appropriate screw driver for this. You can order the spare parts from our website here. :slight_smile:

Hi Chelsea,

I need the specific screwdriver that came with original old Chime door bell. Can you tell me which screwdriver that is. The 6 prong that I have is too big. How do I know which of the spare parts includes the small 6 prong screwdriver. Please advise.

@Joe88h The screwdriver that comes with it is a speciality one that is made for the Doorbells to ensure that nobody can pick up a regular screwdriver and take the Doorbell off the mount. While I am unsure if this is the Ring Video Doorbell or the 2, thankfully the screwdriver for both is the same! This works out for you, as I checked the website and the spare parts for the Ring Video Doorbell are sold out, but not for the 2! Please check out the link here to purchase the screw driver with the spare parts for the Ring Video Doorbell 2. :slight_smile: