Understanding Ring Stick Up Cam lights

Hi all,

I’ve searched on the Ring site and found a thread or two about what the stick-up cam’s LED lights mean, but it seems this is really only in the context of setting up the device aka the device is ready for pairing, etc.

Girlfriend mentioned the other day that she looked at the camera and saw not only the blue light on (which we assume means motion was detected, and the camera is recording), but also red lights on each side of the camera lens. While it’s easy to recreate the blue light coming on by waiting a few minutes and then re-appearing in front of the camera, it’s not so easy to recreate the red lights, as we don’t know what triggers them. Maybe live view?

If anyone knows, could you enlighten me as to what the LEDs (when doing anything BUT setting up the camera) on the front of the camera mean when it’s in use?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @cmm2391. The red lights that you see on the side of the camera are the PIR sensor being activated and turning on the IR light sensors. This is normally when the camera sense that there is not enough light and it needs to turn on the night vision, which is why this can be hit and miss to duplicate. When the blue light is on for the front of the camera, it means that it is recording as it has detected motion or been triggered by the Live View. Additionally, when the speaker is enabled, the blue light will fade in and out, and when the siren is going off, the light will flash blue and red. Hope this helps clear it up!