Understanding how ot improve light settings on Spotlight Cam

Hi, I am struggling to understand how to optimise the light settings on the Spotlight cam.

The motion/ recording settings are fine, they record when there is motion within my zones. However, the lights are constantly coming on at night, draining my battery. It doesn’t record motion at this time.

How do I stop the lights coming on at night like this? I am assuming the light sensitivity is different to the motion recording sensitivity, or jus lighting up when motion is detected outside my zone? How do i change this?

If i set a light schedule so the lights are off between 22:00 - 06:00 - does this mean the lights won’t come on at all, even when recording?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @user76021. There are 2 motion sensors for the Spotlight Cam. One for the light and one for the camera. Decreasing the Light Sensitivity will only affect when the light comes on from the motion sensor for the light itself. If you have Motion Activated Lights, when the camera detects Motion, the lights will turn on, regardless of the sensitivity your Light Settings are set to. This means you can have motion outside of the range of your camera that your lights will detect, or vice versa. I hope this information helps.