Unavailability between back to back hits on doorbell

When I hit my doorbell I get a notification on my mobile and the light on the doorbell from constantly white becomes spinning Blue. While the color is blue spinning if I hit again the doorbell no notification is coming and it seems that the doorbell is unavailable. I have to wait many seconds until the color becomes again white in order to get any notification. On the app I navigate to devices>my doorbell>device settings>video settings >video recording length and I set the minimum time available to 50 sec. Is this valid? Is the doorbell recording while the color is blue spinning? May I have to wait 50 sec for back to back hit?

Any help?


Hi @dimitrios. When you ring the Doorbell and you see the light spinning blue, this indicates that the Doorbell is recording the event. The Doorbell cannot have another event triggered while it’s already recording. Once the event is done, the video will take a moment to process and then it will be available in the Event History to view, if you have a Ring Protect plan.

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring. Thank you very much for your response. Is there any option to reduce the recording time or to disable it in order to have the doorbell available for back to back hits?

@dimitrios The key purpose of the Ring Video Doorbell is to alert you to visitors at your door by detecting motion and recording. The Doorbell isn’t designed for the button to be repeatedly pressed in a very short amount of time, as you will receive a notification when someone presses the Doorbell button the first time. Otherwise, neighbors would receive several notifications for a single visitor.

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