Unauthorized user is using Ring Doorbell App to view camera feeds. How to stop?

Someone downladed the Ring App on their phone and used my log-in information without my permission to log in to my Ring doorbell. They’ve been using it to see who shows up at my house and to threaten people. I didn’t authorize this person to use my log-in information. I also tried looking under shared users tab in the app, but since they used my log-in infomation, they’re device is not showing up. I already changed the email that they were using. Is there anyway that I can stop the person from viewing my Ring Doorbell camera? If I change the password, will they still continue to have access to the doorbell camera even though I change the log-in information? This person has no business seeing who comes to my house, especially when they don’t live here.

There is a 2 factor authentication. There can be no way for them to login or do anything unless they have access to your email or phone. You will receive a code that you will need to sign in.

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In the app you can remove all access to all devices.
Go to the settings and then control center. Then authorized client devices. Delete everything but the device you are using. Change your email password so they can’t get the 2 factor code as well. Make sure it’s a hard password that you’ve never used before at all. Change your Ring password too. Your password may be compromised already through a leak somewhere else.

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You can use this site to see if your email is out on the internet and then see if your password is also on the internet. Internet safety is extremely important.

I didn’t give them access to my information. I changed the email and I’m going to change the password. But will that stop the person from seeing my Ring Doorbell camera and who comes to my house? I also tried to delete an IPHONE 7 that shows up in my account and it won’t let me delete it. The only option that is given to me if to delete all devices, including my own phone.

Then someone has access to your email. Do you get your codes by email or text? I’m guessing email.
You can just remove all and then login to your Ring account in your app. You will need the 2 factor code to authenticate it’s really you. After that, no one should be able to access your account. You can always call customer service if needed as well.
Information on customer support below.



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