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Hi. Hope all is well. Since the ring app was updated a few days ago, I haven’t been able to view my videos. It detects motion but when I try viewing it, I receive the “hmm something went wrong: there was an error while trying to play the video” error.
Will appreciate assistance as I’ve turned the camera off and on and my internet as well.

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Are the problem videos protected by Ring’s End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) feature?

If so, it might be helpful to move your post to the following thread (so that there are as many posts on the topic as possible in one place):

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Hi, I don’t see a decryption message actually. Only the one I indicated above. My videos are encrypted. Thanks.

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In a post listed below, you’ll notice that user38894 explains that the wording of the error message in the Ring app is different, depending on whether you are using an IOS or Android device.

On a device running the iPadOS version of the Ring app, for example, the error that is displayed is:
Hmm. Something went wrong.
There was an error while trying to play the video.

If you are encountering this problem on a device that is using the Ring E2EE feature, I would urge you to move your post to the thread I mentioned in an earlier post, so there are as many posts as possible concerning this problem in the same thread. Thanks.

@Frustrated427 @user39409 Hi. I was the person who posted earlier about this issue. I just responded to your comment on the original post, so go check it out.

This is an ongoing issue with E2EE cameras after some type of ring camera firmware update on wired cameras. The error code you see depends on the device. If it’s an android device, your error message will go into more detail explaining that it’s a decryption error. If it is an iOS device, you will get the “hmm something is wrong” error message.

Go check out my original post from 6 days ago. I just replied to it going through more details.

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Thanks for the clarification. It’s interesting that the error message on Android devices is worded differently than the one on IOS (and iPadOS) devices.

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