Unable to use Live view with Galaxy watch connected.

I have a samsung S10 and after the Android 10 update I can’t access live view with my galaxy watch connected via bluetooth to my phone… The app just hangs and then gives a not respondiong message… If I turn off the bluetooth which disconnects my watch then the live view works fine… I’ve reset the phone and the watch and still have the same issue… Anyone have a fix?


Same problem for me. Galaxy S10e on Android 10. Live view hangs and will not display if my Samsung Gear S3 is connected via bluetooth.

Works fine once I disconnect the watch from the phone.

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Having same problem. Galaxy S10, Samsung watch and no live view if watch connected. There is another thread on this in the video doorbell forum. Clearly others with same issue.

I’m having the exact same problem! Galaxy s10e, android 10, gear s3 watch no live view. I’m glad I’m not alone.

Another one here

I spent a while a few days ago factory resetting the phone thinking it was an app conflict after eliminating the usual (app reinstall etc).

It started working after the factory reset so I thought great- it was worth it. But then it stopped.

Thinking it was yet again an app conflict… I factory reset again this time testing the ring app after every 5 apps I installed from scratch.

Every app worked with the ring app until I re-paired the watch which as you all know, has to be reset when you repair so essentially I have a factory reset watch and S10 but the issue continues.

I can view recorded footage, just not live view. On live view, the spinner spins about half and then crashes.

Switch off the bluetooth connection to the watch and it works fine.

Phone: Galaxy S10

Android: 10

Baseband: G973FXXU3BSKL

Just an FYI, I installed Rapid Ring just now and this works fine.

So for now, I’ve disabled motion/ring alerts from the main app and enabled it on the Rapid Ring.

It’ll get you by until Ring fix the issue

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Another datapoint. Same issue with me as well.

I’m encountering the exact same issue, hoping to hear from Ring support on a fix.

Is there a way to give this info to the ring developers so the issue might be resolved? Seeing how everyone here has the same issue it’s clearly a bug and not something we’ve done wrong.

Thankfully my Galaxy Note 10 does not have this problem with my Gear S3, hopefully this gives some info for a solution.

Fla victory are you on Android 10?


Same problem here…live view stopped working and after a bunch of trial and error figured out it was a conflict with the samsung gear and ring app…HELP RING!!

Just a quick update. I have both a doorbell cam and a stickup cam. Neither will give me live view with Bluetooth connected to my Samsung watch using my Galaxy 10 phone. When I try it freezes. I took the suggestion of downloading Rapid Ring, and am pleased to report can access live view for the doorbell via that app on my Galaxy 10. However, am unable to connect to the stickup cam. It doesn’t freeze, it just rotates until it tells me unable to connect. Appears could be different issue there. Would be nice if they solved the problem so I could use the original app. Love having access to the cameras, not so much the implementation at times.

Contacted Ring on 12/31 regarding unable to use live view on my s10+ Note. Rep says it’s a known issue with Samsung s10 and s10+ after Android 10 update and they are working on a solution. No timeline given. Rapid Ring does not work for me either. What I have discovered is 1) it works normally at night. 2) it does not work with Bluetooth turned off. 3) it works fine with WiFi turned off, using data only. By process of elimination, for me, it is a WiFi conflict on the phone and may or may not be related to the camera during daylight (color) versus night vision (b&w).

have the same issue. reinstalled ring, reset network settings, hard rebooted phone, and nothing seems to work outside of turning my phones bluetooth off. meanwhile my iPad ring app works fine. cmon ring this is unnacceptable.

i can confirm rapid ring live view works but its not very rapid. takes a bit to load

Rapid Ring does exactly what I needed - didn’t even know it existed. Thank you!

I have just spent 20 minutes on the phone to technical help and they are aware of the problem and they assure me the fix will be completed by 13th January. Fingers crossed

I’m no longer concerned about this. I’ve always had issues with the video coming up too slowly to be useful anyway. Rapid Ring works now and is superior to the old app.