Unable to subscribe to protect plan - website always has an error

Whenever I try to update my payment information, or subscribe to a Protect Plan, i get error messages (see attached images). I am never offered any option to enter my credit card details. This has been going on since the end of July 2023 (it is now September 2023).

  • I have tried different browsers on my desktop and laptop
  • I have tried incognito mode
  • I have tried deleting my cookies
  • I am not using any VPN
  • I have tried on mobile browser
  • I have tried on Ring app
  • I have tried on wifi and mobile data.

I get the same error everywhere. I have called support 4 times over 1 month, and still no resolution. They just say someone will get back to me, but the only response I ever get is a canned FAQ which tells me to go to the website to update my payment information.

One agent offered me a one-month free subscription while Ring investigates this. This one-month free subscription also never appeared in my account. As of now, I am without a Protect plan for over a month now, which means my cameras do not record. There was a fire in the house opposite me and my neighbor was hoping my cameras caught something, but they do not record anything because I can’t subscribe to a Protect Plan.

Losing confidence in Ring, and after having spent so much on the hardware it is essentially useless.

Hi @snakstein. In the Community, we can only offer basic troubleshooting steps to try for certain concerns, and we do not have access to account information to troubleshoot more in depth if the basic steps do not help. Since the basic steps have not helped, I suggest that you keep working with our support team on your concern.