Unable to setup Ring Stick Up camera

My son gave me a Ring Stick-up Camera that he was not using so that I could use it.
Unfortunately he is having issues getting into his Ring account and has contacted Ring Support who have not been able to resolve that issue for him.
I have physical possession of the camera and would like to get it into my account so that I can use it along with my existing devices.
We thought of trying this from my end to see if we can get it removed from my son’s Ring account and set up into mine.
Whatever assistance can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Colinp. Your son would need to remove the Stick Up Cam from his Ring account in order for you to add the Camera to your Ring account. You can learn more about how device ownership works here. I’d recommend having your son verify that he’s using the email address he originally used when he set up his Ring account. If he doesn’t remember the password, he can reset his password.

If he’s unable to get signed in so he can remove the Stick Up Cam, please have him follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here. Since the Ring Community is a public forum, we unfortunately cannot assist further with account-specific concerns like device ownership.

HI Caitlyn, my son has done that and the support line there is not able to help him. Appears they do not know what is wrong with his account when as an IT person it seems to me that it just might need a password reset.
I believe that I read that I could trigger something from my end and your team would verify with him that he has transferred the device to me.
I expect that I could provide the serial number and you guys can see where that is connected to your systems.
This is really frustrating as he can’t use the camera due to some ort of problem, he can’t remove it from his account and I cannot add it to mine but nobody seems to be able help him or I solve the problem.

@Colinp If your son hasn’t done so already, he can try resetting his password. This can be done from the log in page on the Ring app or on Ring.com by selecting “Forgot your password?”. As long as he has the correct email address and correct password, he shouldn’t have any issue signing into his Ring account in order to remove the Camera.

All of the general information we have regarding device ownership can be found here. When you get the message that the Camera is registered to someone else during setup, you should see a prompt to Learn More About Device Transfers that you can tap on. I don’t have any further information to share outside of what is in our Help Center and the Ring app, as device ownership inquiries are handled by our support team since it involves account and device details.