Unable to set up ( WiFi help please etc )

My Mom has a ring doorbell camera as well as another security cam. I’ve been trying to set it up for her and have especially trying not to have to have my internet service provider come out to do it.
We have the app. It’s straight forward, follow the directions and it should work. Regardless if it’s on IOS, android as soon as it connects ( we do the first step it says ) then immediately the phone ( device ) we are using disconnects from the WiFi.
After that I pull up WiFi the SSID will not show up or it will connect and disconnect again very quick.
We’re not trying to record ( not like it matters ) we just want to be able to hit the app on the phone and get a look if we hear something.

With the ring doorbell we have it says ( press a button ) then it says if it’s spinning press a button ) all seems to be fine until it try’s to connect to WiFi.
Our WiFi should not have a problem with the app as far as the IPv4 or 6 connection.

Has anyone had the same sort of problem or seen something similar. I was going to have the isp come out but we have been busy and I’d rather trouble shoot it myself one last time. Thanks so much for reading. Any help would be appreciated.
Edit: Again thank you for reading.

I’m having similar issues with connecting these things to WiFi. I posted last week, and never got a response. Seems like if Ring is monitoring these forums, they don’t care about helping out with this particular issue, unfortunately.

Hi @Newuser1980. It sounds like you may need to change some settings on your phone. If you have Wifi Assist/Smart Network Switch turn on, you’ll need to turn it off for the setup. This setting causes your phone to use cellular data when connecting to a “weak wifi signal”. Try changing this setting and let me know if that helps.

Also, as a test, you can connect your Doorbell to a wifi hotspot. If this connection is successful, there may need to be some changes made to your network or router configuration.