Unable to set up Spot Light Cam

I’ve just purchased a spot light cam and I’m trying to set it up. However my iOS device does not want to connect to the Ring Setup network. I have tried to do this manually, I have reset the network settings on my iPhone but I am still unable to connect.
My broadband is with Virgin Media and I think from looking at google there seems to be issues connecting these devices when you have one of their routers :frowning:
Has anyone else had similar issues? and any recommendations to try?
I phoned Ring yesterday but the guy wasn’t able to help me one of the tech team was supposed to call me later but I have had no phone call as yet :frowning:

Hi @DannySeabs. In your iPhone settings, go to Cellular. Once there, scroll all the way towards the bottom and turn off Wifi-Assist. This is something that can cause issues when trying to setup a device. You can also turn off Bluetooth during setup, in case that is causing interference. Let me know if this helps.