Unable to scroll to see my recordings on ring website

When I logon to ring website to see my recordings(on Mac), It shows 2 recording at the bottom of the page but the scroll bar is missing to scroll down to other recordings. Looks to me like a webpage issue, has anybody else encountered this?


Is there a limited amount of recordings that can be listed by Ring on my Ring website activity page? The event history does not list all my events like my phone does!

I can’t see any history on the Ring website. When I click on the history link, nothing happens.

I’ve run into the same problem this morning.

Have you guys figured out a solution since your last posting?

I’m having trouble open up my history on my recordings they are listed but it says me too to another page am I updated on my account

Hey neighbors! If you are running into a concern where you do not see your event history on the website, please ensure you have an active Ring Protect Plan first. As long as you have this active, you will be getting recordings and thus should see events. From there, see if you have issues loading the event history on your mobile device.

If you can still see all of the event history on mobile, but not on the website, you may need to make sure your computer has a stable connection, is running the most up to date browser, clear your cache/cookies on that browser, or try another browser. These are a few troubleshooting steps to take to make sure you can see everything from Ring.com. Please note that the website still does have some limited accesses, so we encourage neighbor to use the mobile Ring app!

Exactly the same problem - webpage does not have the side scroll bar in chrome, firefox, ie etc cleared cache still the same. Also experience the same on a completely different pc. My internet is stable.

The issue is your webpage.

The only way I can see more than the two lines of history or even change the activity is by zooming out in the browser settings. My history is there however your webpage makes it very difficult to see/use. This is the same on the Android App, when scrolling back through the event history and trying to find a specific event by playing each recording, the history list resets to the top of the list(most current) after playing each recording which makes it very very annoying and actually I end up giving up scrolling down to the place where I had been previously - surely this can be rectified - otherwise both the android app and your website makes it pointless to purchase a plan - might aswell stay with the free plan.

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@lcoops Thank you for much for the in-depth information and screenshot to showcase this. I’ve actually passed on previous concerns in this thread and other threads about this to the appropriate teams who are working on marking improvements on the Ring.com website as we speak. We are hoping they will make changes soon that make viewing the history on the browser easier, as well as ensuring that you’re able to see all the history on the website version, which some neighbors said they struggled with too!

In regards to the Android app on the Timeline view, thank you for your feedback on this! I will make sure to pass this onto the appropriate teams too. If it makes it easier for viewing your history, I recommend to go through your event history in the Device’s profile, instead of the Event History Timeline. You can see this if you go into the Main Menu > Devices > Device to view history > Event History. It should pull up your history in a long list where you can pick and choose to watch events from without worrying about being reset to the top of the list. In addition, if you do not like the Event History Timeline, you can disable it under the Main Menu > Account > Toggle Event History Timeline off to the left. :slight_smile:

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Same exact problem on my end as well. But it does look like Ring is on it. Thanks Much!

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