Unable to reset cameras after WiFi outage

Very disappointed in ring cameras. If you lose WiFi while you are not at home, your screwed. I am away for an extended period. The WiFi went out for a couple of hours then it was restored. The ring cameras will not come back on line unless you are physically there to push the setup button. So basically I have 3 cameras that are dead for months while I’m away. How ring can put out a product with this flaw is beyond me. They are in no hurry to fix this as I have read similar reviews from 2022.

Yeah that’s kind of hit or miss sometimes mine come back up and sometimes they don’t. I have a UPS that powers My router and my cable modem that helps in some situations and Here’s another couple different ways you can try to get them working… If your router is an Asus or Linksys or Pretty much any other major brand there’s an app you can get for it and you can try to Reboot the router through the app Most of those routers also allow you to use an additional one to wirelessly repeat the signal. It seems that having a good signal makes a difference And then, also in the Ring app under I believe it’s health or something you can try to reset the wireless signal without having to go through the steps that require the button to be pressed . I hope that helps Because just like you, I’m also gone months at a time working


Thanks for the reply