Unable to Remove Users from Smart Lock

So I just connected my Schlage smart lock to the ring app since Wink is charging monthly now. I noticed that all authorized alarm users now have access to the door lock via the application what Ring refers to as “Device access”. There is a toggle to allow them to use their alarm code on the lock but none for “Device access”. It even gives me some nice description about the difference between “Code access” and “Device access” and tells me to manage who has access go to Manager Users. Upon visiting manager users it shows my users have no access to the Schlage lock yet they still can control the lock with their phones Ring application.

This seems like a bug has anyone found a workaround?

Hey @brundon. You should be able to manage if they can use their code, as well as if they can unlock and lock the lock from the app. Are you trying to limit them from doing one or the other? After going into the Main Menu > Settings > Users > and then selecting on said shared user will bring up all devices they can see and interact with through the app, but if you scroll down more, will have options on where they can use their code too.

Please let me know what exact setting you are trying to change for them, and if you cannot edit it from the screen I brought you to, please take a screenshot of what you see so I can pinpoint this for you and see what’s going on! :slight_smile: